Restaurants, Wine and Cocktail bars same as Beer pubs from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina can hardly be found in any respectable international gourmet guide (Zagat, Michelin, San Pellegrino…). It does not, by any chance mean that these countries lack places where you can enjoy great chefs, traditional or modern cuisine or to explore rich food heritage same as dishes with modern twist. It only means that the risk to enter into wrong establishment is much higher. This blog, guide through the restaurant and bars of Croatia, Serbia and other countries in a region, is written exclusively by paying customers who like to travel and eat. Its purpose is to help you to find good place to eat and at the same time – to avoid frauds.

There are so many places to enjoy proper value for your money. We’ll constantly try to enrich the list. So, before you choose where to go, try to check what we’ve experienced there.