Belgrade might easily be recognised as the European Foodies King of the Capitals in the Value for Money category. There are really not many capitals where you can find such a rich combination of great traditional restaurants that worship the legacy and centuries long food heritage and at the same time brave interpretations of modern, international influences with the Serbian twist for the affordable budget.

But, by far, the Italian / Serbian fusion restaurant „Lorenzo & Kakalamba“ stands out for their unique, brave, compromise less not only overall concept but for the brilliant execution as well.

Go to their web page and you’ll see the visual side of the concept. It mocks with symbols making humorous statements on every and each possible occasion you can think of. They constantly change the setting of the place by adding new pieces, new messages, new details in several huge rooms of the restaurant. They do not hide their story behind dim lights of candles. They do not speak out loud. They shout all the time. And make you laugh

Dishes they offer are just in the same line as the visual details that surround you. They are at the same time Italian and Serbian. Like, for example plate Firenze vs Pirot where the combine 2 typical salamis from Florence and Pirot (town on the south of Serbia) with two typical cheeses (grand Padano and kačkavalj). And they are all fantastic. All Italian dishes have a touch and twist of Serbian cuisine and it goes the other way round.

Besides that, what really strikes you is perfect organisation / logistics of the place. Very often in Serbia and Croatia concept is too big when you compare it with realisation. In „Lorenzo & Kakalamba“ everything is perfect. It is not undercapitalised. Waiters are among best in town – funny but knowledgeable. Serving is precise and all dishes come without too long intermissions. Wine list is very good.

We really left the place with smiles, after taking pictures with „fat David“ and other funny reinterpretations of some of Italian artistic landmarks.

No wonder, you have to book a place in advance. But it’s worth every Dinar.