On the eastern outskirts of Zagreb, in the old industrial area called Žitnjak – the newest Zagreb’s craft brewery opened it’s facilities with the hamburger restaurant and venue that turnes every night into dj or live music club.

It has unique story behind that will probably ensure long existence of the project. British investor, former musician, dj and music producer Nick Colgan has been in Croatia for many years. He started one of the most succesful summer music festivals in a region – Garden music festival. By building it’s reputation, but also business operation, latest edition to the project is his own brewery. He invited young New Zealander Nick Calder-Scholes to be his brewmeister.

They change their own produced beer lists  quite frequently but always offering really premium varieties and interpetations of various beer and ale styles. It is obvious that they produce their beers for summer festival, because they are sometimes “lighter” and “smoother” in taste when you compare them with international standards but also Croatian competitor. But they are very rich in taste with gentle and fine balances of layers. Their Stout (milk stout) is by many professionals considerd maybe the best in Zagreb.

If you’re looking for food, Garden Brewery partners in Zagreb with one of the best hamburger joints – Sumbmarine hamburgers, (originally positioned in Frankopanska street in the Zagreb’s center). They offer quite uniqe high quality burgers and spare ribbs (finished on grill, that lack a bit of smokey smell and softness for the true ribbs fans). Late at night the joint turns almost every night into night club with live band or djs that play soul, funk, R&B, house music.

The beer bar competition in Zagreb get’s almost every day tougher and tougher. Garden Brewery’s position is a bit of a disadvantage  But, it is definitelly worth a taxy drive or (if someone in the group stays on nonalcoholic beverages) trip out of the center. The quality of their products is premium and if you’re soul / funk / R&B fan, this place might become your temple.