OPG, in Croatia stands for Agro tourism object, meaning that everything you consume there is either grown in own backyard or at least in a backyard of a neighbour. Eggs are totally fresh, same as cheese or “basa” – local dish of sour salted cream. You may also find (according to season) mushrooms from neighbouring forest, or some stew made of deer or boar that was hunted nearby. Usually local, domestic self produced wine is served. OPG “Pilipovi Dvori” represents typical basic, rustic but warm soul of hard working people from the surrounding of National park Krka. This is a perfect spot to rest (sleep in a huge barrels that were handcrafted and turned into sleeping rooms) after enjoying cultural heritage (of monasteries Krka and Visovac) or natural beauty of waterfalls and river. You can stay overnight and enjoy a dinner and a rich breakfast. It lacks maybe some precise finishing in wine or cuisine but its warm hearted and hard working, always smiling hosts will give you a romantic glimpse of a lost days in the past, when people had much less to choose but at the same time, more to respect.